One Woman.
One Mission.
And a Sequel!

Cosmic justice continues for one fearless woman
in Day of Reckoning, the sequel to Persona Non Grata.

Day of Reckoning

In Day of Reckoning, Lisa Benton is presumed dead, ruthlessly hunted down by vindictive homicide detective Derrick Miller, avenging his girlfriend’s murder. Will Lisa’s protégé, Elizabeth Myers, carry on her legacy of “cosmic justice,” as she was instructed to at the end of Persona Non Grata? In the sequel, a billionaire businessman with a proclivity for drugging and raping high school girls, catches Elizabeth’s attention while a former beauty queen, who ensnares teenage girls on the Internet for her boyfriend’s depraved needs, prompts Detective Miller’s new female partner into action. Elizabeth needs her mentor now more than ever. Is Lisa really dead?

Persona Non Grata

Vowing to avenge years of sexual abuse from her brother, Lisa Benton has not only survived, but has become an expert markswoman, recognizing that firearms are the great equalizer for women. Shunned by her family, she chooses her own, lonely journey in life, tirelessly building her self-confidence at the shooting range, while planning retribution. Attaining a career in law enforcement, afforded the right to carry a firearm at all times, she eventually seeks her own form of dark justice, stealthily dropping off the radar, embarking on an alternate route of reprisal, becoming a persona non grata.

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